Hints for Your Practice

Kyokushin Karate Tezuka Group is teaching men, women, kids, and adults not only kicking or punching.
We convey the good Japanese tradition like a family ties, caring others, respect and preserve natures.
First, we pay attention for our surroundings.  When you come to dojo, enter with Osu (Greeting).  Put nicely shoes together.
Please care  about your own belongings.  Don't play with water or candy, other foods.  Of course runing around dojo is not
good manner neither.  We do run in the dojo, but it is for the training purpose.  When you come to dojo early, please get
ready for you practice.  You are in the dojo for the training its for your body, mind, and spirit.
5 jo no Toku (5 virtue)
    1) Jin (Charity / kindness)
    2) Gi (Righteous)
    3) Rei (Manner)
    4) Chi (Wisdom)
    5) Shin (Trustworthy)
& 2 tsu no joken (2 conditions)
        1) Courage
        2) Control
3 elements in Karate 1) speed, 2) power, 3) technique
5 elements in oriental philosophy 1) yellow / spleen / earth, 2) white / lung / metal, 3) black / kidney / water, 4) green / liver / wood, 5) red / heart / fire