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How to tie the belt!

What is the 3-element in Karate?
    1) Power 力
    2) Speed スピード
    3) Technique 技術
What is the 5-virtue we have to keep in our mind?
    !) Jin 仁 (Benevolance/charity)
    2) Gi 義    (Righteousness)
    3) Rei礼     (Ritual / Manner)
    4) Chi智     (Wisdom)
    5) Shin信   (Trustworthiness)
What is the 2-condition comes with 5-Virtue?
    1) Courage 勇
    2) Control 厳
A) Kyokushin Oregon Ito Dojo Class Room Procedure
    1) "Seiretsu (Line Up)" (No private talking)
    2) "Seiza" 
    3) "Mokuso"
    4) "Mokuso Yame"
    5) "Shomen (Shinzen) ni Rei"
    6) "Osu, korekara honjitsu no keiko hajimemasu, onegaishimasu"
    7) "Osu, onegai shimasu"

B) Kyokushin Oregon Ito Dojo Kihon Procedure

1) Preparetory Stretching

1. Both feet together, Big toes and other toes separation 10 counts

2. Right foot only big toe and other toe separation, then all toes up & down both 10 counts
3. Raise right foot, circle ankle both direction 5 counts each
4. Knee circle both direction 5 counts each
5. Make "chusoku", and push heel
6. Make "soku-to", 10 counts
(do left leg)

7. excise for Achilles' tendon (heel balance) 10 counts, make "Kiai" for #10
8. Hands on the knees stretch each legs 1,2,3,4 counts 2 sets ("1-2-3-3, 2-2-3-4, 3-2-3-4, 4-2-3-4")
9. Go down to floor, deep stretch 1,2,3, 4,counts 2 sets
10. Same as #9, but make Toe up (make "chusoku") 1,2,3,4 counts 2 sets
11, Face to Right side, deep "Zenkutsu-dachi", stretch calf 1,2,3,4 counts 2 sets
12. Bend upper body to front try to reach hands to floor, then backward 1,2,3,4 counts 2sets
13. Side bend 1,2,3,4 counts 2 sets

14. Make upper body circle 2 times each direction 2 sets

15 Hands on the belt, head up and down

16. Tilt head

17. Face to side to side ("chakugan")

18. Circle 4 times each direction

19. Hands  up and clap, bring down to front of chest fingers together push and stretch hands

20. Bring hands down and clap, do same as #19

21. Bring hands in front of chest and clap do same as #20

22. Make right hand as a fist, left hand grab the right wrist, rigt hand try to extend, and left hand try to hold back.

23. Do same thing opposite side.

"Fukuso, naoshite, fudo-dachi"



2)Basic Standing Technical Practice (Kihon)

Instructor: "Sanchin-dachi Yoi"
Students: Cross arms with Uchihachiji-dachi
Instructor: "Kamaete"
Students: Make both arms Chudan Uchi-uke with Sanchin-dachi with Loud Kiai
Instructor: "Ryoken chudan ni nobashite, migite hiite"
1. Seiken Chudan-zuki                        "Yukkuri 4 hon"       "10 pon, kiai irete"
2. Seiken Jodan-zuki
3. Seiken Gedan-zuki
4. Seiken Ago-uchi
5. Mawashi-uchi
6. Uraken-shomen-uchi
7. Uraken-sayu-uchi
8. Uraken-hizo-uchi
9. Shuto-yokoganmen-uchi
18.Kosa-uke (Uchi-uke gedan-barai)
"Kiba-dachi, Yoi"
21.Enpi (Hiji-uchi)
(Stretch legs, knees, lower back, and etc)
"Han-zenkutsu-dachi, Yoi"
"Hold side of your own belt"

"Hold front-center of the belt"

"Hold out side of the belt"

"Hands up, face guard position"
Deep breathing - Nogare
C)Kyokushin Stances
    1) Fudo-dachi                                         11) Moro-ashi-dachi
    2) Uchi-hachiji-dachi                               12) Tsuru-ashi-dachi
    3) Soto-hachiji-dachi                               13) Kake-ashi-dachi
    4) Sanchin-dachi                                    14) Heiko-dachi
    5) Zenkutsu-dachi                                  15) Toboku-dachi
    6) Han-zenkutsu-dachi
    7) Kokutsu-dachi
    8) Nekoashi-dachi
    9) Kiba-dachi
1) "Zenkutsu-dachi, Gedan-barai, Yoi, Kamaete"