Taikyoku I
Usually we count 1 through 10, 2 times.
(Each count is one step.)
(diagram will use North, South, East and West to indicate the directions to go)
Taikyoku II
(Same as Taikyoku I, but all punches are in Jodan --- high punch)
Taikyoku III
(Same formation as Taikyoku I)
1) Kokutsu-dachi Uchi-uke (toward East)
2) Step with right foot Zenkutsu-dachi with Seiken-chudan-zuki
3) Back step, Kokutsu-dachi with Uchi-uke (toward West)
4) Left step into Zenkutsu-dachi with Seiken-chudan-zuki
5) Change direction to the centerline (toward South), Left foot Zenkutsu-dachi with Gedan-barai
6) Right step with Zenkutsu-dachi and Right Seiken-jodan-zuki
7) Left step with Zenkutsu-dachi and Left Seiken-Jodan-zuki
8) Right step with Zenkutsu-dachi and Right Seiken-Jodan-Zuki, "Kiai"
9) Turn to West, Left Kokutshu-dachi, Uchi-uke
10) Step with Right foot, Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-chudan-zuki
---now 2nd half of Taikyoku III kata----
1) Back step to east, Right Kokutsu-dachi with Uchi-uke
2) Step east with Left foot with Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-chudan-zuki
3) Turn to North with Left foot Zenkutsu-dachi, Gedan-barai
4) Right step Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-Jodan-zuki
5) Left step Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-Jodan-Zuki
6) Right step Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-Jodan-Zuki, "Kiai"
7) Turn to East with Left Kokutsu-dachi with Uchi-uke
8) Right step Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-chudan-zuki
9) Back step to West, Right foot front and Kokutsu-dachi, Uchi-uke
10) Step with Left foot, Zenkutsu-dachi, Seiken-chudan-zuki